Struggling with Postal Mail ?

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Dany Richer

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Traveling for long periods have goods and bads… If you are constantly moving from one place to another one, plus travel days, it’s not always easy to get mail and parcels deliver at the right place at the right time.

Traveling Mailbox serves thousands of people and also businesses since 2011, and is now in over 47 Countries:  Travelers, expats, digital nomads etc. It follows you where ever you go!


Get peace of mind

How does it work?

There are different steps:

  • Open & Scan: You can request the content of your mail to be scanned and view them in PDF format.
  • Mail Forwarding: You can keep your scans forever in you account and get the physical copies delivered to you anywhere!
  • Integrations: Send your PDF to Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox,
  • Email Notifications: You will receive an email everytime you reveice new mail and when a task is completed.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage: You can keep all your Scanned Mail and PDF’s
  • Shipping Discounts: You can also have good shipping rates
  • Apps: access you account on the app on IOS and Android

Click here to see the 2 minutes vidéo

Choose your plan

There are different plans available for individuals and entreprises, depending how many envelopes per month, pages scans, mailbox recipients and with each plan, you are getting secure FREE Mail Shredding. It’s easy and affordable. No setup or hidden fees.

Each plan also includes features as:

  • Junk mail doesn’t count
  • Unlimited Could Storage
  • Change Plans at anytime

Choose your Traveling Mailbox address

The service is offer all over the United States. Either for personal or business use. No matter where you are in the world, you will get access to your mail! Traveling Mailbox will provide you with a real physical address, so you can receive mail from any carrier like UPS and FedEx. You can choose from over 25 addresses. And by the way, your address doesn’t have to be local to you. You will get your mail by email anyway! No more need to go to the Post Office everyday!

Traveling Mailbox Postal Mail Online

Wait… Still receiving Checks?

Traveling Mailbox can also deposit your Checks! Get access to you money from everywhere while traveling! Learn more

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